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Ceylon Spices:
A brief History

Sri Lankan spices, formally known as Ceylon spices, has its origins ad infinitum running back to the great egyptian civilization, Rama Ravana periods and of more recent the Moghul empire, East India Company etc. Traders of all sorts have visited our island nation since antiquity. So, no wonder, be it Ceylon or Sri Lanka we our famous for species of gems.

Ceylon bulk spices supply chain in Sri Lanka:

In Sri Lanka spices are grown in three ways. The most common being in villages with a few spice trees in their gardens. This is the domestic spice supply in Sri Lanka. Secondly, investment in spice lands where the climate and soil is most appropriate. Usually, this runs into a few Arcs of Spice lands leased out on favourable terms or sometimes the owner of the property invests and manage the estate themselves. Once the harvest is done and delivered to collection centers the traders, like us, buy the Spices and fill in orders.

Ceylon bulk spices distribution channel in Sri Lanka:

Once bulk spices are collected and stored at our godowns my company Ratnayake Spices will grade the spices and store under a strict temperature control regime. Our distribution network focuses four buyer categories. One, Large scale spice manufacturing and processing companies in Sri Lanka; Ayurvedic and Herbal manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka, Spice exporters in Sri Lanka, and finally Pettah Market. We also have our own spice outlet “Ratnayaka Spices”in the heart of bazaar, old moor street where 90% of the island’s spices get traded.

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