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Ceylon coffee is a type of coffee grown in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. Ceylon coffee is known for its unique flavor profile, which is characterized by a medium acidity and a distinct, bright aroma. The coffee is grown in the high elevations of the central and southern regions of Sri Lanka, where the cool temperatures and ideal soil conditions help to create a high-quality crop. Ceylon coffee is typically harvested between January and April, and is often sun-dried before being processed. The beans are then sorted and graded based on size and quality. The coffee is typically processed using the wet method, where the outer layers of the coffee cherry are removed before the beans are dried and hulled. Ceylon coffee can be enjoyed as a single-origin coffee, or blended with other types of beans to create a unique flavor profile. It's considered as a specialty coffee and considered to be a high-quality coffee, but due to the limited production it's considered to be quite expensive. Ceylon coffee is produced by smallholder farmers, and also by large-scale estates. The industry has faced many challenges such as the leaf rust disease and the decrease of coffee cultivation area due to the conversion of land to other crops. However, there are organizations and initiatives that are working to revive the industry and promote sustainable farming practices.