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Benefits and medizinal properties of Sri Lankan spices

Being an Island nation, Sri Lanka’s tropical climate with lots of sunshine throughout the year, gives that unique flavour to its spices; well recognized it devine flavours and quality. Additionally two monsoon in Sri Lanka prepares the best conditions for growing spices. Taken as a whole, the climatic conditions in Sri Lanka’s central high hills and “rain forests” provides the natural environment for certain spices in Sri Lanka.

Unfair Advantages for Sri Lankan spices

Sri Lanka is In the southern tip of India separated by a small sea line called the Palk strait. Sri Lanka has many ports involved in shipping, transshipping; however, we use the Colombo Port. Sri Lanka was colonized by the Portugese, Dutch and British, all of whom were involved the spice trade. During the Colonial period spices dealers became very rich by trading ceylon spices in Europe. The brand “Ceylon Tea” is also synonymous like our spices.